China News Service, Beijing, April 20th. Comprehensive news: On April 20th, at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia 2021 Annual Conference, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a video titled "Together in the Same Boat to Overcome the Difficulties, Destiny and Create the Future" Keynote Speech.

Foreign media paid close attention to and reported on the content of the speech.

  Reuters reported that in his keynote speech, Xi Jinping called for the rejection of hegemonism in global governance and the establishment of a fairer world order.

The report said that for a long time, China has been calling for reforms to the global governance system to better reflect the views and values ​​of the international community rather than a few major countries.

At the same time, Xi Jinping criticized some countries' attempts to "build walls" and "decouple", and said that doing so would only bring harm rather than benefits.

The report also stated that a series of statements made by the Chinese spokesperson at the Boao Forum reiterated their commitment to global free trade.

  The Russian Satellite News Agency quoted Xi Jinping's keynote speech as saying that the world should be fair and not overbearing, and major powers should show more responsibility.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the future and destiny of the world should be in the hands of all countries. The rules formulated by one or several countries cannot be imposed on others, and the unilateralism of individual countries cannot "bring rhythm" to the whole world.

Xi Jinping also stated that no matter how developed China is, it will never seek hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence.

  The Associated Press published a commentary article saying that Xi Jinping's keynote speech called on governments not to impose rules on other countries, and called for greater cooperation in the research of new coronavirus vaccines and gradually provide them to developing countries.

  The US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) website reported that Xi Jinping said that no matter how powerful China is, he will not seek hegemony.

CNBC interpreted Xi Jinping's speech and stated that any country that interferes in the internal affairs of other countries will not receive any support.

  The website of the Japan Broadcasting Association reported that the Boao Forum for Asia was called the Chinese version of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

According to the report, Xi Jinping’s speech made it clear that he rejected “unilateralism” and at the same time called on all countries to reject the new Cold War and treat each other as equals.

  Singapore’s "Lianhe Zaobao" reported the main points of Xi Jinping’s keynote speech, saying that in the era of economic globalization, openness and integration is an unstoppable historical trend; when countries get along, equality, mutual respect and mutual trust must be put ahead.

Xi Jinping also emphasized that the “Belt and Road” is a sunny avenue for everyone to move forward hand in hand, not a private path of one party.

Building the "Belt and Road" together pursues development, advocates a win-win situation, and conveys hope.

  Singapore’s "The Straits Times" reported that at the Boao Forum for Asia, Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech to more than 2,000 officials and business partners attending the conference.

At the same time, several global leaders and heads of international organizations, including Singaporean President Halimah, will also speak at the conference.

Xi Jinping's keynote speech aimed to call on all countries to work together to prevent global affairs from being decided by a few countries.

In addition, Xi Jinping also called on leaders of all countries to work together to address climate change and increase the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The world needs to pay attention to green development.

  Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post commented that Xi Jinping believes that equality, mutual respect and trust should be given top priority when dealing with others.

The commentary stated that China announced a record GDP growth in the first quarter of 2021, indicating that the Chinese economy has recovered from the damage caused by the new crown virus epidemic, but relations with the United States have not yet shown a similar rebound.

In response, Xi Jinping called on all countries to abandon the Cold War mentality and zero-sum game thinking, and oppose any form of "new cold war" and ideological confrontation.