Madrid (AP) - Real Madrid's President Florentino Perez has defended the planned Super League and described it as a necessary step to save football.

«When it is said: These are the rich - no.

I am not the owner of Real Madrid, Real Madrid is a membership club.

Everything I do is for the good of football.

Now we are doing this to save football, which is in a critical situation, "said the Spaniard, who was chosen as the boss of the new Super League, in an interview broadcast on Tuesday night by the station El Chiringuito de Jugones, about which the Spanish" Marca »reported.

Real Madrid is one of twelve clubs from Spain, England and Italy that want to merge into a Super League and have thus gone on a course of confrontation with the UEFA and its Champions League.

"We'll try to start as soon as possible," said Perez.

“When I say save football, I mean save everyone.

What we want, what we inherited from Bernábéu, is to save football so that we can live in peace for at least the next 20 years.

The situation is very dramatic. "


According to Perez, the reform of the Champions League decided on at the UEFA executive meeting on Monday, which will in future be played with 36 clubs instead of 32, comes late: "You say the new format will come in 2024. In 2024 we will all be dead."

Like FC Barcelona and other clubs, Real Madrid has high mountains of debt, and the corona pandemic has made the situation worse for many because of the slump in sales.

Despite all the threats from UEFA and the national leagues, Perez does not expect any consequences.

«We will definitely not be kicked out of the Champions League.

Not even from La Liga, nothing like that, ”he said.

“UEFA doesn't have a good image.

I don't want to mention things that happened at UEFA, but it has to be a dialogue and not threaten. "

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