On Monday evening in Lunteren, Gelderland, bystanders attacked a press photographer and his girlfriend when he wanted to take pictures of a fire.

The car they were in was deliberately pushed into a ditch, trapping them upside down,

De Gelderlander



The fire brigade went out to free the journalist and his girlfriend from the car.

They were taken to hospital injured, according to the newspaper.

According to eyewitnesses, six or seven bystanders reacted very violently to the presence of several press photographers.

One of them hit a shovel and pushed the car, in which the victims were still sitting, into a ditch.

Other 112 photographers would also have been attacked by the bystanders with sticks.

An attending photographer from the Heitink news agency was threatened with death.

"You have seen the aggression against journalists increasing for a long time. This is really very intense, I have almost no words for it," says owner Roland Heitink.

"It is nice that the police immediately took good action."

According to

De Gelderlander,

the police have

arrested two people and will provide more information when the investigation is completed.

It is not known whether a report has been filed. In recent months, more and more reports of violence, intimidation and threats against journalists have been received by the PersVeilig platform. In the first three months of this year alone, there were 73. Physical violence against journalists in particular is increasing.