(Focus on Boao) Boao sees Asia: China-ASEAN provincial and mayors "dialogue" for cooperation

  China News Service, Boao, April 20th, title: Boao sees Asia: China-ASEAN provincial and mayors "dialogue" for cooperation

  China News Agency reporter Wang Ziqian

  The 2021 Annual Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia held the "China-ASEAN Provincial Mayor Dialogue" on the 19th.

The chief executives of the local governments of the ten ASEAN countries and officials from some provinces and cities in China jointly discussed "local government cooperation in the epidemic era" through a combination of online and offline methods.

  Anti-epidemic: help each other

  The new crown pneumonia epidemic has swept the world, and the local governments of China and ASEAN countries assisted each other in the epidemic.

  "Mutual assistance and cooperation is an important foundation for our joint fight against the epidemic, and the goal is to be coordinated." Cambodian Deputy Governor of Siem Reap Province Bin Prakad said that he hopes to cooperate with China's provinces and cities to prevent the spread of the epidemic at the grassroots and communities.

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, all regions need to fully exchange information and experience to promote the resumption of work and production and vaccination.

  Cao Guanyou, Chief Minister of the State of Penang, Malaysia, said that Penang currently focuses on vaccination, and it needs to learn from China's successful experience and do a good job in the implementation of vaccination.

  According to Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province, at the beginning of the epidemic, 77 countries and 12 international organizations, including ASEAN countries, extended a helping hand to Hubei.

After the epidemic stabilized, Hubei also sent anti-epidemic supplies to more than 150 countries and regions and 10 international organizations.

"Hubei is willing to share anti-epidemic experience with ASEAN countries and promote cooperation between the two sides in infectious disease prevention and monitoring, health education, immunization, and drug research and development."

  Promote development: focus on cohesion

  The epidemic has caused severe damage to the world economy, and local governments of China and ASEAN countries have cooperated to promote development.

  Hainan is building a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, and there is huge room for exchanges and cooperation with local governments in ASEAN countries.

Feng Fei, the governor of Hainan Province, said that Hainan hopes to deepen cooperation with local governments of ASEAN countries in the fields of healthcare and education, and promote the integration of the industrial chain, supply chain, and value chain of the two sides.

  Yin Chalunli, the provincial governor of Chiang Mai, Thailand, also stated that the economic structure of Chiang Mai and Hainan is similar.

After the epidemic, there is broad space for cooperation in the restoration of tourism and the development of agriculture. "Chiang Mai is willing to establish a practical partnership with Hainan and become a model for China-ASEAN local government cooperation."

  Zhao Haishan introduced that Hubei will seize the opportunity of signing the RCEP to increase cooperation with ASEAN, and use the huge advantages of China's inland market to achieve a win-win situation.

In addition, it will strengthen cooperation with ASEAN in new business formats and new models such as technological innovation, e-commerce, and smart cities.

  Yang Yuyan, deputy director of the Information Technology Development Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, called on both parties to promote the development of digital economy and new business formats.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the docking of standards such as big data and cloud computing, and jointly participate in the formulation of the rules of the global digital economy.

  Promoting linkage: open and inclusive

  With the signing of RCEP, how to promote China and ASEAN to expand market openness?

  Thailand’s ambassador to China Atayut Sisam said that to make better use of RCEP to promote connectivity between the two sides, “some inclusive and sustainable projects should be built, and attention should be paid to protecting the environment.” He also said that between countries It is necessary to establish a coordination mechanism to avoid duplication and waste between different measures.

  Feng Fei said that Hainan will strengthen its opening to the outside world, promote mutual visa exemption between Hainan and ASEAN, break down barriers to personnel exchanges, and eliminate trade barriers.