China News Service, Beijing, April 20 (Reporter Ma Xueling) People face many choices in life, but when faced with a life-or-death decision, will you give up your hope of life to others?

In all fairness, many people couldn't do it, but during the Long March of the Red Army, this quartermaster did.

  On June 12, 1935, the Red Army overcame all kinds of difficulties and dangers. It took about 3 days to climb over Jiajin Mountain. This was the first snowy mountain that the Red Army climbed during the Long March. The story of the Chief Quartermaster took place here:

  On the way across the snow-capped mountains, a comrade wearing thin old clothes was frozen and sacrificed. The commander asked the chief of quarters to ask him why he didn’t give this comrade a cotton coat. The comrades in the team told him with tears, The sacrificed comrade is the Chief of Quartermaster.

  This unnamed Chief of Military Supplies gave the cotton coat to his comrades in arms. In order for others to get out of the snow-capped mountains, he left himself on the mountain forever.

Some netizens commented that he could avoid all this, but he did not do so.

He knew he was in danger of death, but left the hope of life to others.

  An old Red Army said that it is so difficult to cross the snow-capped mountains and grasslands. Red Army soldiers always think of others first, not themselves.

"The cook starved to death, the clothes froze to death, and the vigorous exhaustion. This is the spirit of friendship of the Red Army."

  During the 25,000-mile journey of the First Red Army, an average of one Red Army soldier died every 300 meters.

Party history experts have come to the conclusion that cooks, stretchers and material managers are the ones who sacrificed the most in the snow-capped mountains and grasslands.

  It is with such a lofty ideological realm that the Red Army has overcome unprecedented difficulties, conquered the limits of human existence with a tenacious will, and created a miracle on earth.

  "Awareness seems invisible, but it will show strong power when it is critical. Our party has won the arduous struggles through the selfless dedication of thousands of advanced elements with high political consciousness." General Secretary Xi Jinping commented on his story.

  When the Red Army took the Long March Road, it remarked loudly: the strong help the weak, the big help the small, those who can't move, support them, those who can't support them, and none of them should be left behind.

  Today, on the journey towards a comprehensive well-off society, China once again emphasizes that “no one is missing”.

  In the future, China will embark on a new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country.

An era has its theme, and a generation has its mission.

On the New Long March, every Chinese is the protagonist and has a responsibility.