At least 11 people were killed in Egyptian train derailment accident

  Xinhua News Agency, Cairo, April 18 (Reporter Li Binian) The Egyptian Ministry of Health said on the evening of the 18th that the country’s passenger train derailment that day had caused at least 11 deaths and 98 injuries.

  A passenger train drove from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, to the northern city of Mansoura on the 18th. On the way, 4 carriages suddenly derailed in the city of Tuch.

After the incident, Egyptian President Sisi instructed 4 departments to form a joint investigation committee.

The Egyptian prosecutors said it has launched an investigation into the train driver, driver’s assistants and eight officials.

  The Egyptian Ministry of Health said in a statement that the Ministry of Health has sent 60 ambulances to rescue and the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment.

  Due to old railway infrastructure, poor management and other reasons, railway accidents in Egypt occur frequently.

  On March 26, two passenger trains collided in the Sohag Governorate in southern Egypt, resulting in at least 19 deaths and 200 injuries.

Egyptian prosecutors subsequently stated that the accident was caused by human negligence.