Munich (dpa) - In the opinion of the Bavarian SPD, socially disadvantaged people should receive additional vaccination doses for better protection against corona infections.

"If we do not want Corona to become an epidemic of the poorer population, we need a social vaccination offensive in the federal government and in Bavaria," said Secretary General Uli Grötsch of the German Press Agency in Munich.

He is referring to figures from the Robert Koch Institute.

Accordingly, the mortality rate after corona infections in socially disadvantaged regions in December and January was around 50 to 70 percent higher than in regions with low social disadvantage.

It is becoming more and more apparent that Corona is becoming a question of origin and status and that a low level of education, low-wage jobs with little protection from the employer, cramped living conditions and language barriers all together greatly increase the risk of developing Corona or even dying.

"That mustn't leave us cold, we have to take countermeasures now," said Grötsch.


Therefore, tailor-made concepts are needed for better protection, but also faster vaccination of people at particularly high risk for the quick effect.

"We need an extra contingent of vaccine for the socially disadvantaged, similar to what has been made possible for the hotspots in the border region to the Czech Republic," said Grötsch.

Mobile vaccination teams should offer vaccinations on every corner where many people live together in a confined space, with risky jobs and other risk factors.

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