Three people have lost their lives in a mass shooting in the city of Kenosha in Wisconsin, USA.

News channel CNN reports that police have arrested a person suspected of the case.

Police say the suspect will be charged with murder and possibly other crimes.

In addition to the deaths, at least three people were injured in the incident.

Local Sheriff David G. Beth tells CNN that the police believe the person involved in the crimes had previously been removed from the local bar.

He is believed to have returned to the premises a moment later and started firing.

"We don't think this was an accident," Beth says, according to CNN.

Police still cannot say why the person was removed from the bar.

There is also no definite information on the number of shooters.

News agency AFP reports that a man living near the crime scene heard shots at the time of the incident and glanced out the window.

Soon the man's eyes separated people fleeing from the bar in every direction.

- It was complete chaos.

People just ran and screamed.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said the incident broke his heart.

“I want to thank the rescue workers who respond quickly and continue to work to investigate and find those involved in this senseless tragedy,” Evers commented, according to CNN.

According to CNN, there have been 47 mass shootings in the United States since March 13.

Federal President Joe Biden has described the phenomenon as a “national disgrace” for the United States.