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National Assembly will proceed with questions to the government for three days starting today (19th). This is the first question to the government after the re-election in April, and fierce battles between the opposition parties over the real estate speculation and the corona vaccine issue are expected.

Reporter Yoo Su-hwan delivers.

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National Assembly will hold a plenary session for three days from today and ask questions to the government to review current state affairs issues.

Today, the first day of questioning the government, inquiries by opposition lawmakers on the fields of politics, diplomacy, reunification, and security are scheduled from 2 pm.

In the first questionnaire to the government that will be held after the re-election in April, voices will likely continue to demand a solution to the LH real estate speculation.

The Democratic Party is expected to call for a thorough investigation into allegations of speculation and a plan to renew the government's LH, which triggered the real estate speculation.

The power of the people seems to be criticizing the side effects of the 3rd Lease Act and intensively inquiring about measures to ease the government's tax burden due to the soaring public housing prices.

The problem of supply and demand for corona vaccine is also likely to rise.

The Democratic Party is planning to block political disputes over the supply and demand of vaccines and demand specific measures for supply and demand from the government.

The people's strength is a strategy to criticize the government's incompetence by penetrating the low vaccination rate.

To today's government questionnaire, Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ki and First Vice Minister Yoon Seong-won of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, instead of former Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun and former Homeland Minister Byeon Chang-heum, whose resignations have been accepted, will answer the question.

In addition, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eui-yong Eui-yong, Minister of Unification Lee In-young, Justice Minister Park Beom-gye, Defense Minister Seo-wook, and Minister of Public Administration and Security Jeon Hae-cheol will attend.