• Covid, Johnson & Johnson: "Stop vaccinations in all clinical trials"

  • Ema: "On Johnson & Johnson's recommendation next week".

    "The benefits outweigh the risks"

  • US suspend Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

    Distribution in Europe postponed

  • Covid, in France the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be administered to over 55s


April 18, 2021 The US does not exclude the possibility of being able to resume vaccinations even with the J&J vaccine.

Anthony Fauci, director of the United States Institute of Infectious Diseases and chief health advisor to the White House, said he would be "very surprised if there is not a resumption in some form by Friday" in Johnson & Johnson vaccine use.

He said this himself speaking to the 'Face the Nation' program on CBS, explaining that he believes that "a decision will almost certainly be made by Friday".

The consultants of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have scheduled a meeting for Friday to discuss the pause introduced in the US on Tuesday 13 April in the administration of the J&J vaccine against Covid-19.

According to Fauci, one option would be to resume use of the single-dose vaccine "with some form of restriction or warning".

"I believe that by Friday we will have an answer to this", he then reiterated. Then, speaking to the 'Meet the Press' program on NBC, Fauci added: "I seriously doubt they will just cancel it. I don't think this will happen."