Fence runner Lotta Harala said on Sunday on her Instagram account that she has been engaged to her long-term life partner, hockey player Matias Myttynen.

- I'm so lucky that I've found a type, with which I know I wanted to spend the rest of my life, reached the Turkish Belek training camp Harala said.

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    Went to the engagement: “I feel lucky in the world”

Harala, 29, and Myttynen, 31, already know about their high school days, but only started dating in 2013. Socializing gained momentum from one close-up situation.

- I meant to drive my car towards Matthias' car.

Fortunately, I managed to brake.

Matias blinked at me and I was really embarrassed, Harala said.

He was on his way to the infrared sauna at the time, which also had Matias's sister Outi.

- I guess Outi would say then that you would be a really good couple.

Harala quickly realized after the first contacts that Matias is the man of his life.

- Even after ekojen viestittelyidemme I told my family that I have found the type with which I want to get married.

That wasn’t typical of me, as I’ve never been such a “smoker”.

In such cases, I usually slightly reserved, Harala said.

The couple got engaged at the beginning of this year on January 2 in Pyynikki, Tampere.

Harala does not want to reveal the details of the courtship presented by Myttynen, but says that she burst into tears at the moment of the courtship.

Harala and Myttynen have not yet decided on their wedding day.

- Nothing exactly is known yet, probably a few years will go so engaged.

We both have our own races, and their rhythms are very different.

Harala's competition seasons fall in the summer, while Myttynen, who now represents Ilve, turns into winter.

When wedding time comes, a decent celebration is known.

- Traditional big weddings are meant to be held.

We’ve never had any big parties - we don’t have toilets or anything else, so now could be a decent party, happy Harala said.

Even the groom was completely happy based on his Instagram message.

- I promise to be by the sun, always.

Thank you for wanting to be in it and make me happy every day, Myttynen wrote in connection with her favorite pictures.

Lotta Harala and Matias Myttynen photographed on their home terrace last summer. Photo: Reijo Hietanen