In eastern Ukraine, sporadic battles between government troops and armed groups backed by Russia continued, and as Russia strengthened its troops in border areas, the two countries conducted military exercises on the same day, and tensions became tense. it is continuing.

In eastern Ukraine, sporadic fighting continued between Western government forces and Russian-backed pro-Russian militants, Russia merged with the Ukrainian border and seven years ago. We are strengthening our troops on the Crimean Peninsula.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Taran expressed a sense of crisis, saying that "the number of Russian troops gathered in border areas and other areas is 110,000."

On the 14th, the Ukrainian Ground Forces tank unit conducted a shooting exercise in the southern inland area assuming an attack by a terrorist, and the Russian Navy's Black Sea Fleet also conducted a shooting exercise at sea.

The Russian Defense Ministry says that the purpose of the Navy's exercises is to confirm the movement of the troops, but Russia puts pressure on Russia as a U.S. Navy destroyer deployed in the Mediterranean enters the Black Sea to support Ukraine. We are wary of putting it on, and the exercises seem to be aimed at restraining the United States.