The start of the Tokyo Summer Olympics is 100 days.

The Olympics, postponed from last summer due to the corona pandemic, are scheduled to take place in the Japanese capital on July 23 -8.


On Wednesday, the Finnish Olympic Committee organized a 100-day event in Tokyo, one of the highlights of which was the announcement of future competition uniforms.

As in the Pyeongchang Winter Games 2018, Luhta’s brand Icepeak is responsible for the Olympic team’s outfits.

Luhdan Pasi Luumi says that the design of the outfits was started already in the summer of 2018. The outfits have had to be designed to suit the presumably hot conditions in Tokyo.

Luhta organized a design competition, the winner of which was the work of Aalto University.

- A modestly stylish ensemble.

Combines with a well-reduced Japanese aesthetic that is in high demand in the world, Luumi described.

Formal accessory. Image: Luhta Sportswear Company

Casual wear. Image: Luhta Sportswear Company

Warmer clothing. Image: Luhta Sportswear Company

Photo: Luhta Sportswear Company

Icepeak previously signed an agreement with the Olympic Committee, which runs until 2022, the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Icepeak prepares athletes for the Olympic Games for openings, representation tasks and leisure time.

You can read from the stuff below that at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the Finnish competition costumes received a rather contradictory reception.

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