, Beijing, April 14 (Reporter Du Yan) The Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau announced on the 14th that the application for Beijing’s 2021 points will be officially launched on April 15 and the deadline for application is 30 days. From July 12th, the information of annual settlers will be publicized on the city government portal "Window of the Capital".

  The point settlement policy is an important measure to implement the reform of the national household registration system and the reform of new urbanization.

In July 2020, in combination with the latest national requirements and social suggestions, the city revised and issued the "Beijing Points Settlement Management Measures" and the "Beijing Points Settlement Operation Management Rules", and the application was launched that month.

On the whole, the newly revised points settlement policy is operating smoothly, the society is rationally declared, the inclusive effect is prominent, and the social response is good.

In 2020, a total of 6032 people have obtained registration qualifications through public announcements, and 5555 people have completed registration procedures so far.

The declaration operation is more optimized, and the result query is more convenient

  The 2021 points settlement declaration will be officially launched at 8 am on April 15 and will end at 8 pm on May 14.

Compared with previous years, this year's declaration time and publication time have been advanced, allowing applicants more time for follow-up arrangements.

The specific schedule is as follows: application phase (from 8 o'clock on April 15 to 20 o'clock on May 14, 30 days in total); departmental audit results summary phase (from May 15 to June 3, total 20 days); audit results Inquiry stage (from 8:00 on June 4 to 20 on June 11, a total of 8 days); department review and points ranking phase (from June 12 to July 11, a total of 30 days); publicity and settlement process ( It will be publicized on July 12, and applicants who have obtained the qualifications to settle down after publicity can go through the settlement procedures).

In 2021, the number of points settled in this city will remain stable at 6000 people, and the same points will be implemented.

  According to reports, this year's declaration operation has been more optimized, and the result query will be more convenient, which will provide the public with a better service experience.

The first is to improve the notification information of the declaration system and further optimize the page display effect; the second is to enrich the information query channels, and applicants can inquire about their rental residence, self-owned residence, and educational background information through the corresponding website or mobile APP; It adds the function of instant display of points and ranking interval. After the applicant completes the online submission, he can view his current points and ranking interval; fourth, the mobile terminal review result query function is opened, and applicants can log in to the "Beijing Renshe" APP to pass at any time Check the feedback result on the phone.

  The person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau reminded applicants to pay attention to whether the review results of various indicators are passed in the application stage and whether it is necessary to initiate a review online. You can refer to the system prompts to further complete the operation.

Providing false materials will cancel the eligibility for points settlement within the current year and the next 5 years

  Since its implementation in 2018, Beijing has always emphasized integrity reporting. It has reported to the society a total of 20 fraudsters in 3 batches, which has effectively maintained the order of reporting.

  In 2021, Beijing will continue to rigorously review, deepen data sharing, strengthen joint verification, highlight openness, transparency, rigor and seriousness, and ensure that the whole process of point settlement is run in the sun.

At the stage of settlement publicity, the annual total points and the scores of 9 specific indicators will continue to be publicized to facilitate social supervision.

  In addition, in accordance with Article 17 of the “Beijing Municipal Points Settlement Operation and Management Rules”, applicants and employers should ensure that the reported indicator information is true and accurate, and are jointly responsible for the authenticity of the reported indicator information.

If the applicant provides false materials, the eligibility to apply for the registration of points in the current year and within 5 years will be cancelled; if the applicant has obtained the permanent residence in Beijing, the public security department shall cancel it and move back to the place where the residence is registered before Beijing.

For employers who assist in providing false materials, they will not be accepted for points settlement applications in the current year and for the next 5 years.

  In the process of point settlement, if the applicant and the employer seriously violate the promise made to the administrative agency, the relevant untrustworthy record will be included in the Beijing Public Credit Information Service Platform.

Those suspected of crimes shall be transferred to judicial organs for handling in accordance with the law.

No fees are charged for the point settlement service, and no intermediary services are accepted

  Regarding the specific arrangements for the registration of points, the relevant departments remind applicants to pay attention to authoritative information, and log in the points registration service column of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau ( for inquiries.

  In order to fill in accurately and standardly and save time for modification, applicants can do a good job of inquiring about information such as housing lease contract filing, self-owned residence, academic degree filing or certification, etc. before filing, and fill in after verifying that they are correct.

  Applicants need to be reminded that there is no fee for the registration service of points in Beijing, and no intermediary services are accepted.

The declaration of points settled in 2021 is coming soon. Employers and applicants must be vigilant and beware of being deceived.