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  • Faced with the health crisis, chefs and restaurateurs must adapt.

  • Chef Moïse Sfez offers a new smoked sandwich with melting cheese on the menu of his Parisian restaurants Homer Lobster.

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    , he details his recipe for his “Grilled Cheese Special”.

With fine weather, it would be good to have a little picnic on a bench, in a park or a garden.

With, in his bag, a top-notch sandwich, like this "grilled cheese special", a smoked cheese sandwich like the one from the Homer Lobster restaurant.

Chef Moïse Sfez prepares Homer Lobster's special grilled cheese - S.LEBLANC / 20 MINUTES

The "grilled cheese"?

This is a traditional American sandwich, crispy and melting with its base of buttered bread and cheese.

A sort of croque-monsieur from the new world, which Moïse Sfez cooks with his subtly spicy and smoky sauce, inspired by the one that made the success of his

lobster rolls

- the young 25-year-old chef did not become a champion of world of specialty, in 2018 in Portland.

A cheese with a great taste of butter

The secret of this street-food enthusiast's “grilled cheese”?

An English cheese sliced ​​with a grater, the buttery Ogleshield (you can also use a more classic cheddar), Homer Lobster's signature brioche (but a soft sliced ​​sandwich can do the trick) , a mayonnaise seasoned with lime zest and chipotle, a slightly spicy but smoky pepper (found in supermarkets), chopped pickles well vinegared for the crunch and a duo of chopped herbs: chives, scallions ...

Homer Lobster's special grilled cheese - S.LEBLANC / 20 MINUTES

“We are not going to lie to each other, warns Moïse Sfez: a 'grilled cheese' is fatty!

Because of the butter, the cheese, the mayonnaise… The purpose of the lime zest is to camouflage this fat with a tangy note and refresh the palate.

That's what makes you want to come back and bite into another bite ... "

A bite of bread

To compose this “grilled cheese special” inspired by his lobster rolls, Moïse Sfez has associated Homer Lobster with the duo of committed cheese-ripening cheese makers Taka & Vermo, Laure Takahashi and Mathieu Vermorel.

This is how “the most desirable grilled cheese of spring” was born, available exclusively throughout the month of April and in ultra-limited quantities (50 sandwiches a day, not one more!) In the two restaurants. Homer Lobster from the Capital.

His price ?

Six euros, barely more than a bite of bread!

But nothing prevents you from now to try to do it yourself.


At the park, downstairs from your home, have a simple or sophisticated picnic, just like at home


Nothing like a good sandwich for a picnic by the water

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