The money comes from the extra state subsidies that regions and municipalities have been able to apply for from the National Board of Health and Welfare for additional costs incurred in connection with the pandemic, for the Västerbotten Region, the requested funds amount to a total of SEK 260 million in 2020 and 2021.

The proposal for extra compensation has come after healthcare staff demonstrated against what is considered poor compensation for those who worked in close contact with covid patients and who have had an increased workload as a result of the higher pressure on healthcare.

- We see that great efforts have been made in many places and we affirm this discussion.

We have said before that we want to give a premium to everyone and that was because it is difficult to make boundaries.

But now the parties must decide who will receive extra compensation, says Peter Olofsson (S), chairman of the regional board.

Liberal: "Must prioritize our staff"

The opposition in the regional board has argued for a temporary doubling of the contributed funds.

- 18 million for salary review has been set by the majority and we agree with that, but we also think that there is every reason to have a one-time investment of 18 million for the groups who have worked in covidnary care, says Maria Lundqvist Brömster (L) and continues:

- I think it is good that politics has put its foot down and shows that our staff is important, without staff there will be no care, then we would be pretty smooth.

The demand from the opposition, however, was rejected by the majority who went on the letter of appointment and the line of the working committee.

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