China News Agency, Moscow, April 13 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) According to the news released by the Russian Presidential Information Bureau on the 13th, Russian President Putin had a telephone conversation with US President Biden on the same day. Biden proposed to study holding the highest level in-person talks in the near future. Possibility.

  The source said that the call was held at the initiative of the US.

During the call, the two sides expressed their willingness to continue their dialogue on the most important direction to ensure global security. This is not only in the interests of Russia and the United States, but also in the interests of the entire international community.

In addition, Biden expressed his willingness to normalize bilateral affairs, and is willing to establish stable and predictable interactions on acute issues such as strategic stability and arms control, the Iranian nuclear issue, the situation in Afghanistan, and global climate change.

  According to a White House statement quoted by the US media, Biden proposed during the call that the two sides will hold a summit in a third country in the next few months to discuss all-round issues between the United States and Russia.

In addition, Biden emphasized the United States’ commitment to safeguarding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and was concerned about Russia’s sudden increase of troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border, calling on Russia to ease tensions.

  This is the second telephone conversation between the Russian and American presidents since Biden took power.

On January 26, Putin and Biden had their first phone call, and the two sides agreed to extend the "New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty."

  The call between the two parties was held against the background of recent tensions in Ukraine.

Recently, Uzbek government forces and civilian armed forces in eastern Ukraine have accused each other of opening fire and provocation.

At the same time, Ukraine said that Russia’s assembly of troops in the border area between Ukraine and Russia poses a serious threat to Ukraine’s national security.

The Russian side responded that the Russian army on the Russian-Ukrainian border is located in Russia and poses no threat to anyone.