Read here from 7 p.m. on the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge (Public Health).

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De Jonge: "We will go faster if possible and slower if necessary. The virus is too unpredictable for precise data. We are also dependent on the delivery and effectiveness of the vaccines, any mutations, and how well we stick to the measures. Our guiding anchor points remain whether care can cope with it and to protect the vulnerable. People born in or before 1951 can already make an appointment for a vaccination, and that is often done. The delivery determines the speed "That stabs me. As annoying as it is, safety always comes first. The AstraZeneca vaccine is safe for people over 60 years old and there are plenty of vaccines for people who are younger."

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a few seconds ago

De Jonge: "The third, fourth and fifth steps broaden the possibilities even further, until only the basic measures are left. There is also more possible through access testing. By testing in advance, we make safe bubbles of people who are almost certainly not contagious. Various pilots are currently underway for this and we hope to do this on a larger scale in the course of May. "

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De Jonge: "The opening plan outlines the route to summer in five steps, in which we can open up society. We can take the first step when we have passed the peak in the hospitals. We take steps one and two with caution, because there are many people are contagious and are in hospitals. Every week we look at what is possible. Then we look at the curfew, visitors, terraces and education. That can be a first step, but only if the situation allows it. After that. we can see what we make possible outside again. "

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Rutte: "It is true that last week we hoped the first steps could be taken on April 21. It is unfortunate that that date came out prematurely and took on a life of its own. April 21 is just too early. We look at it every week. We will decide next Tuesday whether something is possible on April 28. After-school care will open again from April 19, but that's it for now, which is disappointing for anyone who was already making plans based on leaked messages. I hope that we will not be put off by the latest obstacles. We have already come this far together. We are also able to push the third wave ahead of us, but that peak could have been higher. "

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Rutte: "We all have our own corona reality, and it is becoming more and more difficult to unify them. Emotions are rising, the restrictions are becoming increasingly restrictive and we find it more difficult to comply with the measures. That is all completely understandable. we must not lose sight of the collective reality. And that is that the end is in sight. We take the first step when we have passed the peak of the third wave. Then we dare to take the risks, taking small steps to the end. start and bigger steps once the most vulnerable groups have been vaccinated. As soon as possible, as widely as possible. "

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Rutte: "This came up during the consultation at the Catshuis. The situation in hospitals is dire. People in care are troubled. That is logical, with about 2,500 people in the hospital, of which nearly 800 in intensive care. care. These are figures that we cannot erase. But the situation in society is no less dire. In the catering industry, theaters, travel world and sports world. Among schoolchildren, students, lonely elderly and young people, families. we sit."

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Rutte: "Yesterday a message came by which summarizes exactly where we are. A hospital administrator wrote that in recent weeks he had lived in two worlds, outside and inside the hospital. Outside he saw people who were happy, but within the hospital everyone was busy the third wave and the occurrence of code black: the moment all beds are full The fact is that the hospitals are just as full as during the first wave and the plannable care has almost completely scaled down and people are still dying from it every day COVID. "

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There are Rutte and De Jonge, the press conference is about to begin.

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Ask your questions on NUjij

It is logical that you will have questions as a result of the press conference.

That is why you can ask them on our response platform NUjij.

An article for this will be posted during the press conference.

Do you have questions about corona vaccines and vaccinations?



ask them



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In half an hour, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will give another press conference.

The cabinet previously expressed the hope to announce relaxation, such as the reopening of the terraces and an end date for the curfew.

However, this is unlikely to happen due to the still high contamination figures.

2 hours ago

According to RIVM, reopening terraces does not solve anything

The argument of the mayors of the big four cities to reopen the terraces so that enormous crowds in parks of densely populated cities are prevented, and thus possible infections, does not hold up according to the RIVM.

"Then later the terraces and parks full," says RIVM epidemiologist Susan van den Hof

talking to


The planned reopening of terraces and the abolition of the curfew on April 21 appears to be postponed, presumably to April 28.

The outgoing cabinet will provide more clarity during a press conference tonight.

2 hours ago

2 hours ago

Janssen vaccine supply to EU halted after possible cases of thrombosis

Pharmaceutical Johnson & Johnson is postponing the roll-out of the Janssen vaccine in Europe, after six women in the United States developed a rare combination of blood clots and platelet deficiency.

Whether these complaints actually arose from the vaccine is still being investigated.

The six complaints were discovered after the administration of more than seven million Janssen vaccine doses.

So far this is about one report per 1.17 million injections.

The US decided to take an injection break earlier in the day.





2 hours ago

Dutch Olympians get a corona vaccine as a priority

The Dutch athletes participating in the Olympic Games in Japan next summer can receive a priority vaccination.

It is not yet clear which vaccine the athletes will receive and when exactly.





2 hours ago

Today's most important corona

figures provides an overview of the most recent figures on the development of the corona virus in the Netherlands every day.

These are the


that are now available (Tuesday, April 13), brought together in six graphs.

2 hours ago

Number of infections increased last week, especially among young people

Last week, 51,240 new positive corona tests were registered, an increase of 6 percent compared to the week before (48,186).

Young people in particular tested positive more often.

In children between the ages of 13 and 17, the number of positive tests increased by 15 percent, and in young people between the ages of 18 and 24 it was 5 percent.

A significant decrease can be seen among the over-80s (15 percent) and children under the age of twelve (7 percent).





2 hours ago

Brazilian variant on the rise in the Netherlands

The Brazilian variant of the corona virus is on the rise in the Netherlands.

At the end of March, the Brazilian P1 variant was detected in 1.5 percent of the tests in the Dutch test streets.

At the beginning of March, that share was still 0.5 percent.

RIVM is concerned about the rise of the Brazilian variant, because it appears to be more resistant to vaccines and is probably more contagious.





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3 hours ago

Cafés in Utrecht ready for trial with guests

Five cafés in Utrecht may


again for a few days from Wednesday


They are participating in a Fieldlab experiment, which should provide more information about how the hospitality industry can safely receive guests again.

The companies have been selected in such a way that a mix of different types of cafes has been created.

There is a large dance tent, grand cafes, but also a typical brown neighborhood pub and a wine bar.

5 hours ago

King visits corona patients in hospital

You can hardly recognize him by the protective clothing he wears, but King Willem-Alexander is really on the right in the photo.

Today, the frost is visiting a ward with corona patients in the Van Weel-Bethesda Hospital in the South Holland town of Dirksland.




8 hours ago

Police handed out nearly 113,000 corona fines

in one year The police

handed out

112,975 corona fines

in one year


Nearly two-thirds of these fines were issued for ignoring the curfew, according to annual figures on Tuesday.

Other fines were imposed for, among other things, group formation and not wearing a mouth mask in public transport and public spaces.

The figures show that a total of more than 40,000 warnings were issued.

Most of the fines were handed out in the major cities in the past year.

The police also issued the most warnings there.

8 hours ago

Injured Real captain Ramos tests positive for coronavirus

Sergio Ramos has tested positive for the corona virus, Real Madrid reports in a short statement on Tuesday.

The captain of the Spanish top club

was already on the side

due to a calf injury.

It was already certain that Ramos will not be able to participate in the return against Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Wednesday.

Zinedine Zidane's team defends a 3-1 lead from the first leg at Anfield.

8 hours ago

Muslims start second Ramadan in Corona time Ramadan

starts on Tuesday for nearly a million Muslims in the Netherlands.

It is the second month of fasting during the corona pandemic.

Normally, many Muslims pray together during Ramadan.

They also meet after sunset to eat together.

But this is not possible due to the corona virus: there is only limited space in mosques, the joint iftar meals have been canceled and due to the curfew they cannot meet outside after sunset.

The Contact Body for Muslims and Government (CMO), which represents 380 mosques, calls on Muslims to stay at home during Ramadan and not to visit family and friends.

"Ramadan is fun and good food, but that is not the essence. It is also a moment of reflection", says CMO board member Saïd Bouharrou.

He himself spent the month of fasting alone with his family last year.

"I thought it was very special. You focus much more on yourself and your own spirituality."

8 hours ago

8 hours ago

Injection stop thwarts vaccination target: last week one third too little injected

Hospitals, GPs and the GGDs administered 318,850 doses of corona vaccines last week.

That is more than 36 percent less than the half a million injections that the outgoing cabinet wanted to have.

The decrease is due to the injection break and the decision to stop administering the AstraZeneca vaccine in sixty-year-olds.


overall vaccination

rate has also decreased.

Last week, a shot was taken every 0.7 seconds.

It is now a shot every 0.9 seconds, according to figures from the government's corona dashboard.

8 hours ago

Amusement park Toverland thanks for trial with rapid test certificates

Amusement park Toverland is not participating in the pilot Testing for government access.

The park says it has been invited, but has waived the option.

The government wants to use the trial to test the usefulness of rapid test certificates in practice.

Participants are tested prior to an outing and may only participate with a negative test result.

However, Toverland states that the park has already proven that visitors "can be offered a safe and responsible day out".

Everywhere a distance of 1.5 meters could be kept and hygiene measures would have been tightened up.

Toverland hopes to be able to admit visitors without rapid test certificates soon.

(Photo: Toverland)

9 hours ago

Thuisbezorgd delivers more than half more meals in the Netherlands

The ongoing corona crisis has resulted in a significant increase in the number of orders from meal delivery company Just Eat Takeaway (the company behind

In the first quarter, about 15.3 million meals were ordered in the Netherlands, 53 percent more than a year earlier, according to quarterly figures presented on Tuesday. 

This brought the total number of deliveries up to 1.5 million,

151 percent more

compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

Such a delivery may involve several meals ordered.

The growth is not unexpected, given that there was no epidemic for most of the first quarter of 2020.

9 hours ago

India approves Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Authorities in India have approved Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V.

The Ministry of Health announced that approval has been granted through an emergency procedure.

India, which has approximately 1.4 billion inhabitants, joins dozens of other countries that have put Sputnik V into use.

The Russian sovereign wealth fund has concluded deals with Indian companies for the production of 852 million doses.

The Indian authorities may well use additional vaccines.

The country has the largest number of corona infections in the world after the United States.

India registered more than 161,000 new cases on Tuesday.

It was the seventh day in a row that more than 100,000 infections have been diagnosed.

The official death toll rose by 879 to 171,058.

9 hours ago

Merkel is working on a law that will allow the German government to institute lockdowns everywhere


According to Merkel, this is necessary, because the federal states always want to be less strict than they deem necessary.

It is to be expected that the bill will be passed by the Bundestag.

If the Bundestag approves the bill, the federal government can intervene anywhere as it sees fit.

Merkel could, for example, issue curfews and contact restrictions and close schools if many new infections have been detected somewhere.

Germany is struggling with the third wave and the government fears things will get out of hand.

Merkel's performance is controversial.

State Prime Ministers think it is unwise to change the rules of the game in the midst of a crisis.

Critics of the Chancellor point out that a curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. is in violation of the German Constitution.

Merkel has wanted a national approach for months and is annoyed by the federal states that currently have a lot of say in policy.

For example, Saarland has interpreted a passage on relaxation trials from an agreement with Merkel differently and used it to do away with the main lockdown measures in the Land.

9 hours ago

Rutte and De Jonge will give a press conference tonight, chances of relaxation are very small.

Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge will hold another press conference tonight.

It is unlikely that the ministers will announce relaxation for next week.

Last Sunday, after the Catshuis consultation, it became clear that the intended relaxation will probably not take effect on April 21, but on April 28.

The curfew may then disappear and the terraces may open again.

Shops may also be opened further.

This is not yet an issue, because the cabinet still considers the number of infections and hospital admissions too high.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) said on Monday that the cabinet will examine every week whether the terraces can already be opened.

First, the peak of the third wave must be reached.

The ministers will discuss the measures on Tuesday before the press conference.

Only then will the cabinet take a final decision.


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10 hours ago

England to use Moderna vaccine as third corona vaccine

English can also receive the corona vaccine from Moderna from Tuesday.

This is the third corona vaccine that has been put into use in England.

A top NHS health service executive spoke of

a "milestone" in the vaccination program

, according to

BBC News


The British government has ordered 17 million doses of the Moderna vaccine, enough to fully vaccinate 8.5 million people.

Wales and Scotland already started doing this last week.

24-year-old caregiver Elle Taylor was the first person to receive the vaccine.

The United Kingdom, with more than 66 million inhabitants, is the leader in vaccination in Europe.

More than 32 million Britons have already had a first dose of a corona vaccine and almost 7.7 million people have already been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

They have both had injections.

10 hours ago

Acting Mayor of Alkmaar Emile Roemer was at the last meeting of the Security Council.

The SP politician is in favor of reopening the terraces.

"I'd rather people sit on a terrace in a regulated manner than go to the park with a crate of beer."

Roemer: 'Better regulated on a terrace than with a crate of beer in the park'

11 hours ago

Rapid test foundation

receives 925 million euros from

the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport

, but there would be no supervision.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) has donated

925 million euros

to the private Open Nederland foundation to make rapid tests available for events.

However, how the government will monitor how this money is spent is unclear and not transparent, according to a study by

Follow the Money

 (FTM) on



According to the research platform, there is no supervision of the foundation.

The articles of association show that there is no supervisory board and that information about transparency, accountability and requirements for spending is also lacking.

13 hours ago

Surinamese face two weekend lockdowns

Now that the third wave in Suriname is a fact, the authorities are introducing a weekend lockdown again.

For the next two weeks, a curfew will apply in Suriname from Friday 6 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m. 

Recently it was established that Suriname is also dealing with the more contagious variants of the corona virus.

This threatens to increase the contamination figures in the country.

According to the Surinamese Ministry of Health, the care cannot handle this.

16 hours ago

Some GPs find turnout for corona vaccination disappointing

GPs in various places in the Netherlands are faced with a disappointing turnout for corona vaccination.

That says spokesman Monique Roedoe of the National General Practitioners Association (LHV) Tuesday in the

Nederlands Dagblad


Rudu speaks of "changing signals".

In Zwolle, GPs reported a turnout of 50 to 60 percent over the past weekend.

The turnout in Rotterdam was also disappointing last week.

But the spokesperson also knows a neighborhood in The Hague where the turnout was around 90 percent.

Sometimes even other patients are called to get rid of the vaccines.

Currently, the AstraZeneca vaccine is intended for people between the ages of 60 and 65, but many doctors are now also using it to "poke up", the spokesman said.

For example, people between the ages of 65 and 70 are approached for an injection appointment.

17 hours ago

Number of infected people in Curaçao decreased

for the first

time in a month

For the first time in a month, the number of people in Curaçao infected with the corona virus has decreased significantly.

On Sunday there were 4,768 infected people on the island, a day later the counter was at 4,472.

That equates to a decrease of nearly three hundred people.

There are still 118 corona patients in the hospital.

41 of have been in intensive care (ic).

Nine Curaçao patients have been transferred to an IC in Aruba.

On March 11, 205 people were still infected with the corona virus on the island, 4 corona patients were in hospital and 22 corona patients had died.

Exactly one month later, there were 4,768 infections, 138 Curaçao patients were hospitalized (129 in Curaçao and 9 in Aruba) and a total of 66 corona patients had died.

Due to the pressure on the Curaçao Medical Center (CMC), the Netherlands has sent dozens of relief workers to the island to help provide care and vaccinate the population.

Additional vaccines were also sent.

Hard work is being done on the island to vaccinate as many people as possible against COVID-19.

Several vaccination centers have been opened in the past fourteen days, including one at Naval Base Parera.


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yesterday at 10:05 PM

Children in group 8 received lower school advice last year

The children who were in group 8 of primary school last year received lower advice for secondary school than the eighth group in the years before.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), this is because their final test was canceled due to the corona outbreak.

The advice could not be adjusted upwards.

Last year, about 55 percent of children received the advice VMBO-GT (mixed-theoretical learning path) / HAVO, HAVO, HAVO / VWO or VWO.

A year earlier this share was more than 58 percent and in the year before.

The remaining 45 percent received a recommendation for pre-vocational secondary education, while in the preceding years it concerned more than 41 percent of the pupils.

The decrease can mainly be seen in girls.

By scrapping the final test, they did not have the opportunity to improve the advice.

The advice has also fallen among students from lower socio-economic groups.

The lower the parents' income, the lower the children's average advice, the CBS concludes.

yesterday at 9:03 PM

Cabinet will examine possible relaxation weekly

The cabinet will examine weekly whether the corona measures can be relaxed, such as the reopening of the terraces.

This is what outgoing Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) said on Monday after the Security Consultation, the meeting of the presidents of the 25 security regions.

Read on



yesterday at 9:03 PM

Experts crack down on communication from cabinet about corona policy: 'Involve citizens'

Experts still see plenty of points for improvement with regard to information about the fight against the corona virus.

Involve the public is their main message.

"The only thing the cabinet can think of is to continue with those press conferences."


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yesterday at 9:00 PM

More than a million Europeans died from COVID-19

More than a million Europeans have died from the consequences of the corona virus, reports the French news agency


, based on figures from national authorities.

The worst affected countries, with more than 100,000 corona patients dead, are the United Kingdom (127,100), Italy (more than 114,000) and Russia (103,000).

France, Germany and Spain follow.

Nearly 60 percent of all corona-related deaths in Europe have been recorded in these six countries.

Another overview shows that the Netherlands is on the way to 17,000 corona-related deaths.

yesterday at 9:00 PM

Number of corona patients in hospital up again

The number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals has increased further over the past 24 hours.

A total of 2,582 patients with COVID-19 were admitted, 65 more than Sunday, reports the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS).

794 of these people are in intensive care, an increase of 6 patients.

There are now 1,788 corona patients on the nursing wards.

That is 59 more than Sunday.

Then the number of patients admitted increased by 26. In the previous three days, the number of corona patients in hospitals decreased.

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