Iran, which has been hit by a major nuclear facility, has said it will enrich uranium at an all-time high of 60 percent.

According to Iran's state-run Press TV on the 13th local time, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Abbas Arakchi made this announcement in Vienna, Austria, to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Deputy Minister Arakchi leads the Iranian delegation in the talks to restore the nuclear agreement (JCPOA, Comprehensive Joint Action Plan) in Vienna, Austria.

He also announced that he would install 1,000 additional centrifuges with improved performance at the Natanz nuclear facility that were attacked by 50%.

Iran, who has pointed to Israel behind the attack at the Natanz nuclear facility, seems to have declared a response to the'strong river' by increasing the concentration of uranium enrichment and installing an additional centrifuge.

On the 11th, the Natanz nuclear facility, which had an improved centrifuge that was banned according to the'nuclear agreement', was attacked and the supply of electricity was cut off.

Iran later criticized the blackout at the Natanz nuclear facility as an Israeli attempt to prevent the restoration of the nuclear agreement.

Normally, to make one nuclear weapon, 25 kg of 90% highly enriched uranium is required, and 200 to 250 kg of 20% enriched uranium must be produced.

Iran's 60% uranium enrichment is said to be the highest ever.

(Photo = Courtesy of Iran's Atomic Energy Agency, Yonhap News)