"Disappearing" appeared two weeks later, Duterte: I deliberately, to tease those detractors!

  [Global Times Comprehensive Report] Two weeks after "disappearing", the 76-year-old Philippine President Duterte finally appeared in public on the 12th, breaking the rumors about his health from the outside world.

  According to a report by Singapore’s “Straits Times” on the 13th, Duterte responded bluntly in the pre-recorded program in response to the rumors that he “has been killed in Singapore”. Pray more."

  Duterte said that he deliberately did not show up in public in the past two weeks in order to tease the detractors, "The more you provoke me, the more I will tease back."

Duterte said that he has been working in Malacanang during this period, and sometimes he would come out in the middle of the night for jogging, riding motorcycles and playing golf.

He also said, "I don't think there is any problem with riding a motorcycle at 2 o'clock in the morning."

  Earlier reports stated that Duterte's last public appearance was on March 29. He was originally scheduled to give a televised speech on the 7th of this month, but it was cancelled urgently.

In addition, it was reported that his daughter took her son to Singapore on the 6th, but refused to disclose the reason for the trip. This caused the outside world to suspect Duterte's health condition, and even the presidential spokesperson came forward to refute the rumor.

(Wu Ming)