(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Yunnan Ruili Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital has been completed and is ready for use

  China News Service, Ruili, April 12 (Miao Chao) A reporter learned from the Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Ruili City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province on the 12th that Ruili Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital has completed various preparations and will soon be put into use .

  According to Zhao Ruiren, the temporary party secretary of Ruili Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital, the current function of Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital is to admit and treat patients discharged from designated hospitals during rehabilitation.

In order to prepare for the commissioning, Ruili City will quickly complete the installation and commissioning of facilities and equipment from April 6th, deploy 99 staff, and carry out relevant training work. The conditions for commissioning have now been met.

  The reporter saw at the scene that Ruili Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital is divided into a working area and a rehabilitation area.

There are 200 beds in the rehabilitation area, equipped with daily necessities such as bedding, bedside tables, lamps, storage boxes, fans, and living facilities such as toilets, washstands, and shower rooms.

At the same time, a free network is opened, and there is also a table tennis table and newspaper reading area.

In addition, three meals a day for the rehabilitation staff will be delivered in a unified manner.

  It is reported that Ruili Fangcang (Rehabilitation) Hospital has completed the construction of the hospital information system, equipped with on-board CT and other medical equipment, which can realize the exchange of patient medical record information with Ruili Traditional Chinese Medicine Dai Medical Hospital, and realize the first affiliate of Kunming Medical University Remote consultation in the hospital.

The nucleic acid test was sent to the PCR laboratory of Wanding People's Hospital for testing, and a closed-loop delivery and result feedback mechanism was established.