At the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy on the 13th, a private lawmaker recommended that an environment where students can learn while working should be created, such as the introduction of a "selective three-day work week" system.

Prime Minister Suga expressed his intention to consider expanding programs that allow him to advance his career while working, saying that he would like to encourage the transfer of human resources to fields where growth is expected.

At the Council on Economic and Fiscal Policy held at the Prime Minister's Office, Prime Minister Suga and Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura attended and exchanged opinions on employment.

Among them, private lawmakers can learn while working, such as introducing a "selective three-day weekly holiday" to promote the smooth movement of human resources to fields with high growth potential, as the recovery of the world economy is expected to accelerate in the future. I suggested that the environment should be improved.

In response to this, Prime Minister Suga said, "There are many companies that continue to grow among the new coronas by grasping the trend of digitalization. Under these circumstances, we will expand the chances of acquiring skills to move to a new workplace." Said.

On top of that, we will consider expanding online courses to double the number of participants in the "Job Seeker Support System" who receive vocational training while receiving benefits, and expand programs that allow students to take courses at universities and vocational schools while working to advance their careers. Showed the idea to do.