Rostock (dpa / mv) - In Rostock, the number of new infections with the corona virus has risen sharply in the past few days.

On March 21, the seven-day incidence was 22.0 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants; on Monday, according to the State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Lagus), it was 108.0 and thus for the first time above the critical value of 100.

As city spokesman Ulrich Kunze said on Tuesday, the infections mainly come from the private sphere.

"We don't have large clusters."

In particular, children who showed no symptoms of the disease seem to be possible carriers of the virus.

The health department can still largely understand the transmission routes, there is no diffuse infection process.

The high incidence is also due to late registrations from the past week.

There were comparatively many unclear, for example very weakly positive test results that made follow-up testing necessary.


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