• UK Boris Johnson calls on the British to be "responsible" in reopening pubs and shops

  • Pandemic Boris Johnson Confirms "Potential Use" Of "Covid Passport"

Neither did it dawn with a radiant sun nor could a national holiday be decreed.

In 2021 he is still determined not to give a single truce to the United Kingdom.

On what was the most important day of the de-escalation in England, an April 12 that marked the reopening of non-essential shops, the terraces of bars and restaurants and part of the indoor leisure (hairdressers, gyms, libraries), the country woke up, according to the British Meteorological Office, with "a burst of sem

cold ana

and ice cream for almost everyone that also comes with winds and the possibility of snowfall ".

"How cold it is, but

worth it for a cocktail

and some French fries, "summarized a young woman from Liverpool on the BBC. The English are not so easily discouraged. A marked and overshadowed day, yes, by the

recent death of the Duke of Edinburgh

and its corresponding official mourning, which left

Boris johnson

without that pint of beer that he had been thinking of drinking for so many weeks.

The prime minister could not, therefore, savor the triumph of a few months in which he has managed to turn his management of the pandemic around.

Their commitment to the vaccine, more than 61% of adults have already received at least the first dose, and according to the tests carried out by public health, an average of 730,000 daily during the last week, they currently have the United Kingdom with

30 cases

per 100,000 inhabitants and an average of

30 deaths per day

in the last seven days.

On Sunday, there were only 7 victims from the pandemic, the lowest figure since last September 14, and yesterday there were only 13 deaths to mourn.

The reopening that started this Monday will, however, mark the success or failure of the vaccine when it comes to guaranteeing a certain normality in times of pandemic.

The country, which had been since January 5

closed tight

Except for essential shops and outdoor sports, he has taken up the premier's commitment that the idea is not to have to take a step back on issues of confinement.

Thus, and despite the freezing temperatures that were recorded in much of England, with a countdown included and from 00.01 in the morning from Sunday to Monday, some of the few pubs that have 24-hour licenses began to serve pints.

And, of course, there were also those who dared to drink them.

There are no images that have better illustrated the desire to see an open bar than those of the

full terraces

last night in Newcastle, where he came to be at

-3 ° C.

The reward for surrender arrived around noon, when, at least in London, the cold and the wind gave a small respite in the form of a timid sun that, there, did leave those who were still reluctant.

"It was time to go out and stay,

even if it's for a coffee, "rejoiced Rebecca, who was reunited with a friend on the terrace of a cafeteria in Lyric Square.

Endless queues also on the outskirts of the clothing stores in the center of the city, to which some joined from 5 in the morning, but also in the neighborhoods, where the

constant influx

Throughout the day, he made clear the desire that the British had to gradually regain normalcy.

A normality that comes hand in hand, for example, with a good haircut.

Stavros, a hairdresser at a small Hammersmith barbershop with Big Reggie, his French bulldog, couldn't even answer questions because of the number of clients waiting to shed a mane of more than three months.

"All full!",

he managed to say.

He was not the only one employed, because in different parts of the country some of his colleagues claimed to have

appointments from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

for the next two weeks.

Among them, that of a Boris Johnson who had to cancel his reservation to have a pint but who, for a celebration not lacking in mockery in the country, was able to go to the hairdresser.

The premier is sure that it is not lost on him that the fact of abandoning precisely now that image of a man with "scarecrow hairs" overcome by the management of the pandemic, can mean

one before and one after

after a year in which he has gone from being the buffoon of European leaders to

better managed the vaccination campaign.

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