As the Chinese army intensifies its activities around Taiwan, the launching ceremony of a new transport landing ship built by Taiwan was held on the 13th, and the Tsai Ing-wen administration will recapture the remote island when it is occupied by the enemy. I expect that the ability such as will increase.

The new transport landing ship was built at the Kaohsiung shipyard in the south, with a drainage of about 10,000 tons, a total length of about 150 meters, and was named "Yushan" after the highest mountain in Taiwan.

It is called a dock type that loads landing craft and amphibious vehicles in a hangar that can inject water, and helicopters can also arrive and depart on the deck.

In addition, the hull has stealth characteristics that are difficult to catch by radar, and is equipped with air defense missiles.

The activities of Chinese military vessels and aircraft are becoming more active around Taiwan, and military experts inside and outside the country have suggested that the Chinese military may occupy remote islands in Taiwan by force.

At the launching ceremony held at the shipyard on the 13th, President Tsai Ing-wen said, "The addition of this transport landing ship will enhance the Navy's ability to carry out its mission and will strengthen our defense capabilities. He expressed his hope for improving capabilities such as recapture operations when remote islands are occupied by enemies.

The new amphibious transport landing ship will be handed over to the Taiwan Navy next year.