Two scars rekindle the hope that

Mauro Romano is

still alive, and that he has become

Sheikh Mohammed Al Habtoor

, 52, the son of tycoon

Khalaf Al Habtoor

, one of the richest men in the

United Arab Emirates


Only a DNA test, which the Emir has rejected so far, could accurately determine if it is Mauro, but the turning point could be near: several members of the Italian's family will fly to Dubai to appeal to the intermediation of the to


consular offices and get genetic testing.

It's the latest news on the


of the child of


, in the


Italian, kidnapped at age 6 on June 21, 1977 and never reappeared.

"I recognized two scars in the photos"

"In the photos I recognized two scars: one on his eyebrow, the other on his right hand, he made them with an iron," he explains.

Bianca Colaianni

, mother of

Mauro Romano

, who with her husband


She has not stopped looking for her son for 44 years.

"These are just some of the details in common between Mauro and this man," continues the woman, "they cannot be mere coincidences. We are ready to go to Dubai, but we cannot do it alone. We have come as far as we have been allowed to. We have no power to go any further. That is why we ask that the authorities take charge of the matter. "

In fact, since

middle East

, the requests of the Roman spouses and their lawyer

Antonio La Scala

from a DNA comparison have always been rejected.

Mauro Romano's mother and his lawyer, along with an image of her son at the time of his disappearance, in 1977.


"So far we have run into a huge wall," the woman continues, "just silence. We were expecting at least one reassuring call, or even telling us that we are wrong. Nothing."

Former professional polo player, entrepreneur and philanthropist, but also

latin lover,

the alleged

Mauro Romano

would have flirted with

Naomi campbell


Valeria Marini


Manuela Arcuri

, with whom he was portrayed in a photo during a social event, says the family's lawyer.

Reopened last January after the arrest of a 69-year-old man for pedophilia, then investigated for the disappearance of Mauro with charges of murder and kidnapping, the prosecutor's investigation

Stefania mininni

and the carabinieri relied on the hypothesis that the missing child had been murdered.

But so far it has not been possible to provide any evidence to support this thesis or find the body of the child.

A friend of the family, the main suspect

The investigators, together with the tenacity of the Romano family and their lawyer, after years of disorientation and silence, brought the alleged kidnapper of

Mauro Romano

, a 79-year-old ex-barber for whom the investigating judge must make the accusation.

It is about a family friend whom Mauro called "uncle" and who on the day of his disappearance, according to the Prosecutor's Office, made Mauro climb into his Apecar and took him to his summer home to play with his son.

According to the accusation, he planned to hand him over to two individuals, unknown to date, who later took him away by force, making all traces of him disappear.

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