According to the county administrative board, the winter outbreak of bird flu is the largest to date in Sweden and Östergötland was hit hard with five established cases on farms with broilers and laying hens.

Since then, Östergötland has had restricted areas with the highest level of protection since 24 February.

But yesterday, the Swedish Board of Agriculture announced that all protected areas had ceased.

- This means that it has been 21 days since the initial disinfection of the facilities was carried out.

Then we have to wait another 9 days before removing the monitoring area.

This means that it takes at least 30 days after the facility has been disinfected before all restrictions and protection level 3 can be removed, provided that there are no new outbreaks, says Pernilla Stridh, county veterinarian at the County Administrative Board of Östergötland in a press release.

According to the Swedish Veterinary Institute, SVA, it is still important to protect their domestic poultry from infection.

This is best done by keeping them indoors.

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Marie Lönneskog Hogstadius tells what egg production looks like after several outbreaks of bird flu around Sweden.

Photo: Erika Landt / SVT