China News Service, April 13th. According to the US "World Journal" report, the hatred against Asians has become more and more intense. Ms. Chen, a Chinese resident of Temple City, Los Angeles County, USA, was lost when chatting with two friends in her yard on the 11th. He was insulted by passers-by for no reason.

However, Ms. Chen changed her attitude of being calm and peaceful, and quarreled with the passer-by, and called the police to let the police listen to the content of her quarrel with passers-by, and successfully sent the passer-by to the detention center.

  She posted a post on social media describing the experience and results of being discriminated against, which drew enthusiastic responses from the Chinese, and everyone left messages saying "like" and "well done".

  When interviewed, Ms. Chen said that she was chatting with two friends on the lawn of her front yard. Suddenly a middle-aged woman walked into the yard and walked in their direction, and she continued to provoke friend A with her language.

She didn't want to cause trouble at first, and told her friend A to ignore or look at the middle-aged woman.

But instead of walking away, the middle-aged woman kept insulting Ms. Chen and her two friends, yelling "Do you think you are an Asian person?" "Go back to your house" and other words, and repeatedly imitated the Chinese tone of voice and mocked. The three of them even tried to physically attack the three, which was quite provocative.

  Ms. Chen could not see that everyone was being bullied. After confirming that the other party did not have an offensive weapon, she began to yell at the other party, asking the other party to leave her home, and telling the other party that they should not walk into other people's yard at will.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged woman still did not leave, shouting "This is the United States, this is my personal freedom, you should go back to your country."

Every word angered Ms. Chen, and she did not forget to call the police during the quarrel.

  Ms. Chen said that after dialing 911, she didn't have time to explain to the police and asked the police to listen to the conversation between the two.

Unexpectedly, the police found the location and appeared in front of her house in just five minutes, and found the passer-by at the turn of the intersection.

It is worth mentioning that it was a Vietnamese police officer who arrived at the scene. The passer-by, who was involved in racial discrimination, saw that she was Asian again. He continued to curse at the Vietnamese police officer. The police immediately handcuffed her to the police station.

  Ms. Chen and her friends described what happened when they made transcripts, and were told by the police that the incident was a hate crime and a felony.

  Ms. Chen said frankly that in the past, she always believed that hate cases against Asians would only be staged in public, and she never thought that similar incidents would happen in her yard.

  She believes that Asian Americans have been working silently for a long time, and even if they are bullied, they will endure silently and gradually become the target of other people's oppression.

However, this kind of tolerance is a wrong demonstration. It is necessary to express it for oneself so that others can know the thoughts and dissatisfaction of Asians.

She called on Asians to report to the police if they encounter similar incidents.

I believe that once there are more hate crime cases, more people will pay attention to it.

  The police officer in charge of the case in the Luo County Police Department’s Temple City Branch told Ms. Chen that the number of patrols will be increased in the future, and suggested that the public should install more cameras at various angles in front of their homes so that they can be kept as evidence in case something happens. , To protect one's own interests.

(Xie Yushan)