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Foitlova Klara / AP / SIPA

Two girls, aged 5 and 7, pricked themselves with a syringe, which they found while playing in the park of La Guirlande, Sunday, in the Figuerolles district, in Montpellier (Hérault), reports France Bleu Herault.

They were taken to hospital, where they were taken care of.

This Monday morning, at the city council, the mayor, Michaël Delafosse (PS), specified that the girls were "under surveillance".

"A priori, the news is reassuring," said the elected.

" We need to act "

"The issue of addictions in our city is a real problem, we must act", reacted the mayor, who specifies having gathered "a round table" to "be able to support the care of drug addicts", in order to avoid "That public spaces are not vulnerable due to the deposit of syringes".

In 2018, a little boy was already injured with a syringe in the park of the Garland.

Last January, a little girl was also stung in the same way, on a playground, located in the city center of Montpellier.


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