The Departmental Councils are struggling to endorse the increase for home help desired by the State, while it is the communities that finance these salaries.

Some elected officials want to wait for the regional elections, which could be postponed after June, before releasing the requested sums.


While we should know this week whether the departmental and regional elections will be held in June or will be postponed again, the approach of this election blocks a number of decisions.

This is the case for the increase in the salaries of home helpers, the government having promised an increase of 13 to 15% from October 1, or 200 to 300 euros more for hundreds of thousands of professionals.

But for the moment, the departments, which finance these jobs, are resisting.


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This promise of a salary increase was made by the State, but it is not its competence.

But, with the support of the social partners, the executive was able to vote in the 2021 budget for an extension of 200 million euros per full year.

The problem is that, in theory, these jobs are funded by the departments.

"They know that this is a request from families and voters but they are reluctant to have their arm twisted," decrypts the entourage of Brigitte Bourguignon, the Minister for Autonomy.

The salaries of home professionals, nurses or caregivers, have not changed for 20 years.

The Elysee in a hurry to highlight the social report of Emmanuel Macron

"We are asked for even more money but we are already financing the RSA which is exploding with the crisis", argues a department president, before adding: "We are not closing the door, but let's talk about it again after the elections".

The Departmental Councils are in no hurry to endorse the aid decided by the government, while the Elysee's strategy is to try to have the social advances of the five-year term recognized, this famous "left leg" of the macronie, in addition to the regal and economy.

"On the social side, Emmanuel Macron is inaudible," admits an adviser.

However, this is one of the keys to his possible re-election in 2022.