Unrest arose in the US state of Minnesota on Sunday, because a black man may have been killed by police violence.

That happened in Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis about 10 miles from where black American George Floyd was killed by agent Derek Chauvin last year.

According to


, 20-year-old Daunte Wright was pulled over with his car on Sunday due to a traffic violation.

Subsequently, officers determined that an arrest warrant had been issued against him.

When the police tried to arrest him, Wright got back into his car and tried to drive away.

An officer shot him with this.

The man was able to drive a little longer, until he hit another vehicle and came to a stop.

When emergency services arrived, he was found to have died.

It is not yet clear whether he died from the police bullet, from the accident or from the combination.

The officers were wearing bodycams, but those images have not yet been investigated.

Protest against police brutality

A group of about a hundred people then confronted the police.

The angry mob destroyed several police cars.

An eyewitness reports that police cars have been pelted with stones.

Images of people jumping on the roof and hood of the cars are shared on social media.

The police fired rubber bullets.

At least two people were hit, one of them bleeding.

Several hundred people also reported to the police station in Brooklyn Center.

Police used tear gas there to disperse the crowd.


People jump on police cars after black man's death in Minnesota

Tensions in Minnesota for some time

Tensions in Minnesota have risen sharply in recent weeks due to the lawsuit against Chauvin.

Floyd was arrested in Minneapolis on May 25 last year for allegedly paying for a pack of cigarettes with a counterfeit $ 20 note.

During the arrest, Chauvin pressed his knee against the victim's neck for minutes.

Floyd subsequently passed out and died.

His death sparked outrage worldwide.

Protests against racism and excessive violence took place both inside and outside the United States.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that Wright had died as a result of the police action.

However, this is not yet entirely clear: American media contradict each other.

As soon as there is a definite answer, we will of course report this.

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