The City of Oulu has begun to lift the corona restrictions.

Restrictions will be phased out while monitoring the effects of the demolition on the epidemic situation in the region.

The situation in Oulu can be further changed by the disease situation in Southern Finland, modified viruses and Easter, the impact of which on infection rates is not yet visible.

The one-month restaurant lock was lifted for Northern Ostrobothnia on Friday last week.

Many bars opened their doors right in the morning at 9am.

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Over the past week, Oulunkaari's coronavirus infection surveillance has revealed places where it may have been exposed to coronavirus infection.

Exposure may have occurred from 6 to 9 April.

during several different restaurants and shops in Ii and Oulu.

The Oulunkaari consortium consists of five municipalities: Ii, Pudasjärvi, Simo, Utajärvi and Vaala.

- Persons who have done business in the places listed below at the times below are asked to monitor their condition closely.

If even minor symptoms of infection occur, it is advisable to apply for a corona test immediately, Oulunkaari Consortium reminds in its release.

Possible sites of exposure in I:

  • Iin Shell Pearl Mussel, Tuesday - Friday 6. - 9.4.

  • Iin Autotarvike, Friday 9.4.

Possible exposure locations in Oulu:

  • EMC Lunch Cafe, Tuesday - Thursday 6. - 8.4.


  • Tokmanni Oulu (city center), Friday 9.4.

  • Tobacco barn, Friday night 9.4.

  • Restaurant Keltainen Aitta, Friday evening 9.4.

  • Restaurant Peppers, Friday night 9.4.

  • Restaurant House, Friday night 9.4.

  • Patela's barbecue kiosk, Friday night 9.4.

    (ca. 22-24).

- It is still too early to assess where the dismantling of the restaurant lock has led.

The incubation period of the disease is 1–14 days, so the next few weeks will show how the situation is developing, comments Jarkko Huusko, a doctor responsible for infectious diseases in Oulu.

The Northern Ostrobothnia Regional Coordination Group will discuss the phasing out of restrictions on Tuesday 13 April.

The city of Oulu's management team will discuss the situation next Wednesday.

The incidence rate for the area is now 18.7.

According to the website, 6 new infections have been detected during the last day.

In the last two weeks, 77 infections have been reported.

The Regional Coordination Group has recommended to the Regional State Administrative Agency to relax the meeting restriction on 12.4.

from the current six to ten people.

The same is recommended for private events.

The organization of summer events is not yet bought to evaluate.

Their organization depends on the evolution of the epidemic situation throughout the country and the progress of vaccinations.

In Oulu, primary schools and secondary schools are now in contact teaching.

Swimming pools, school gyms and other in-town sports venues are open to group activities for under-18s.

The city's sports venues are also open to therapy and rehabilitation groups, referrals to rehabilitation, those with a sports assistant card and competitive athletes.

The swimming pools and gyms on the city premises will be reopened for people over the age of 65 from Monday 12 April.

Youth facilities, museums and cultural institutions are closed.

Libraries serve to a limited extent.