• New centrifuges for uranium enrichment started in Iran

  • Accident at the Natanz power plant, Tehran: "terrorist attack"


April 12, 2021 Iran's foreign ministry, through its spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh, blamed Israel for the attack it called sabotage at the Natanz underground nuclear plant and warned that it will retaliate.

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the incident but most of the Israeli media, fairly uniformly, claim it was caused by a cyberattack.

The details on what happened Sunday morning in the structure remain few.

Initially there was talk of a blackout, but then last night the head of the Iranian civilian nuclear program called the incident an act of "nuclear terrorism".

"The answer for Natanz is to take revenge on Israel," said the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry.

Khatibzadeh later acknowledged that some IR-1 centrifuges, driving uranium enrichment, were damaged in the attack, however he did not provide details.

The state TV has not yet shown any images of the structure.

The statements by the spokesman of the Foreign Ministry are the first official accusation by Iran against Israel for the events on Sunday.

If Israel were actually responsible - as LaPresse / Ap writes - this would lead to an increase in tensions between the two countries.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who met US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Sunday, promised to do everything in his power to stop the Iran nuclear deal.