China News Service, April 12th. According to Kyodo News, Japan’s Kagoshima Prefecture, Oshijima Island and its surrounding areas have experienced successive earthquakes starting late on the 9th local time on the 9th. By the 12th, 4 earthquakes with a Japanese standard intensity of 4 have occurred.

There were more than 200 earthquakes with magnitudes 1 to 3.

  According to the Kagoshima Local Meteorological Observatory, the source of the earthquake is located off the coast of the Tugara Islands, and the earthquake may continue in the next few days.

  According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, around 5:40 am and 9 pm local time on the 11th, an earthquake of magnitude 4 occurred on Oshijima, Toshima Village in the county, and the focal depth is about 20 kilometers.

The estimated scale of the earthquake was 4.5 and 4.4 on the Richter scale respectively.

  Around 5:40 in the morning, the earthquake intensity of Oshijima Island was 4; the earthquake intensity of Kotakashima Island was 2; the intensity of Suwa-nosase Island was 1.

Around 9 o'clock in the evening, the earthquake intensity of Eshi Island was still 4, and the earthquake intensity of Xiaobao Island was adjusted to 1.

  Japan is located on the volcanic seismic belt around the Pacific Ocean and is a country prone to earthquakes.

On March 20, local time, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake occurred off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The Meteorological Agency issued a warning of about one meter of tsunami waves to the coastal areas, which was lifted after about an hour.

Nine people were injured in the earthquake.