[Global Network Technology Comprehensive Report] On April 12, according to foreign media reports, Canadian astronomers have discovered three brown dwarfs with the fastest rotation speed. The three brown dwarfs rotate faster than any brown dwarf previously discovered. Dwarfs are fast.

Each brown dwarf completes a complete rotation approximately every hour.

  According to reports, astronomers at Weston University in Canada first used NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to measure the rotation speed of these brown dwarfs, and this was confirmed by tracking observations by the Gemini North Telescope in Hawaii and the Magellan Bard Telescope of the Carnegie Institute of Science. Up to this point.

  "We seem to have encountered the rotation speed limit of brown dwarfs. The rotation speed of these brown dwarfs at the equator is about 350,000 kilometers per hour (about 220,000 miles), which is about 10 times faster than Jupiter (rotation) under normal conditions. , Which is about 30% faster than the fastest rotation of such celestial bodies previously measured.” Meghan Tannock, a graduate student in physics and astronomy at Weston University who was responsible for the discovery, pointed out, “However, in fact, faster rotation may be possible. It will cause the brown dwarf to tear itself apart, that is, beyond this limit, these celestial bodies may not exist anymore."