China News Service, April 12th. According to the US "World Journal" report, a Chinese news agency in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA recently appeared insulting to China. A Chinese restaurant posted it on the menu of the outdoor dining area window and was graffitied and written insulting. China Information.

Through surveillance video, police officers discovered a short woman who had been in the dining area for more than 30 minutes, but had not locked her identity information, and called on the people in the know to provide clues.

  The source pointed out that this insulting message appeared in the outdoor dining area of ​​the Chinese restaurant "Taste of Township" at No. 5322, 7 Avenue. After the Chinese discovered the insulting message a few days ago, they immediately reported the insulting message to the police.

Two detectives from the 72 sub-bureau police and the Asian Hate Crimes Working Group arrived at the scene and investigated for at least three hours.

  Chinese police detective Zhang Dongzhi (Daniel Zhang) contacted the Chinese restaurant business who was not in the store at the time. The person concerned said that the graffiti had been discovered many days ago, but he did not call the police in time.

  The industry also mentioned that the new crown pneumonia vaccination bus service promoted by the city government has been set up nearby three days from the 7th, during which the outdoor dining area is not open for use; until the 9th, the public Mr. Lin found the graffiti and called the police for help.

  The police checked the surveillance video and found a short and suspicious woman who had stayed in the area for 36 minutes.

The police said that the woman was not sure whether it was a customer or a passerby passing by the Chinese restaurant, but she had been in and out for half an hour, and she had also sat on a chair in the dining area for ten minutes.

  The police said that the surveillance video could not see the appearance of the suspect, and now it can only be determined to be a petite woman. Further information is still under investigation.

Castro, Director of the 72nd Sub-bureau, expressed great concern about the case and called on residents or businesses to report to 911 immediately if they find a hate note again, so that the police can take timely action and arrest the suspect before a wounding case may occur.

  The police urge the public to call the anti-crime hotline (800)577-TIPS (8477) immediately if they see a suspicious person or a person with similar physical characteristics in the photo, or log on to the anti-crime website or send a message to 274637 (CRIMES) via mobile phone. , Then enter TIP577, the source of the message is absolutely confidential.

(Yan Jieen)