China News Service, April 12th. According to a report by the Russian Satellite Network on the 12th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov stated that Moscow supports the beginning of negotiations on the establishment of an international means to prohibit the deployment of any type of weapons in space.

Data map: On January 27, local time, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins was working outside the European Laboratory of the International Space Station.

  Lavrov said in a video speech celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Gagarin Pacific flight published on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "We always believe that only by preventing an arms race in space can it be used for constructive purposes and benefit. The possibility of all mankind. We support the beginning of negotiations on a legally binding international means that prohibits the deployment of any type of weapons in space and prohibits the use or threat of force."

  Lavrov also suggested that it be based on the draft agreement submitted to the 2014 Geneva Conference on Disarmament.

Lavrov stated that the "International Initiative of Not the First to Deploy Weapons in Space Political Commitment" aims to stabilize the situation during the formulation of this multilateral document.

He mentioned that 30 countries have become official members of the initiative.