Overseas Network, April 10th. The White House announced on the 9th local time that the White House Southern Border Coordinator Roberta Jacobson will resign at the end of April.

Considering that the US government is currently dealing with the record number of illegal immigrant children at the southern border, some US media believe that the announcement at this time is unusual.

Data map: On January 22, 2021, local time, some construction materials were discarded at a border wall construction site in Sunland Park, New Mexico, USA.

On the 20th, U.S. President Biden signed an executive order calling for the cessation of the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

  According to US media reports on the 9th by the US Consumer News and Business Channel, White House National Security Advisor Sullivan announced in a statement that day that Jacobson would resign as coordinator at the end of this month in accordance with his previous promise.

Jacobson was appointed as the special assistant to the President of the United States earlier, and he is also a key figure in dealing with the surge in immigration at the border.

  When Jacobson left office, the US government was working hard to solve the immigration problem, including the record number of illegal immigrant children in March this year.

It is reported that a total of 18,890 illegal immigrant children arrived in the United States in March, which is twice the number of February (9457) and is also 60% higher than the record set in 2019.

CNN believes that taking into account the current problems, it is unusual to announce Jacobson's departure at this time.

(Overseas Net/Zhang Ni Intern Compilation/Ji Yaqi)