To support Emirati entrepreneurs through "Al Bayan", "Emirates Today" and "Dubai Post" during Ramadan

The publishing sector in "Dubai Media" launches the "Road to Entrepreneurship" initiative

  • The videos highlight inspiring experiences of youth and stories of innovation.

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  • Ahmed Al Hammadi: "Our initiative reflects the duty of the media to support this vital category of the economy."


The "publishing sector" of the "Dubai Media Corporation", coinciding with the month of Ramadan, and on the occasion of the official launch of the UAE celebrations of the "Year of 50", announced the launch of a media and promotional initiative to support Emirati entrepreneurs who own small and medium enterprises, under the name "The Road to Entrepreneurship" .

Over the course of 30 days, "Al Bayan" and "Emirates Today" newspapers and the Dubai Post digital platform publish 30 videos, highlighting the inspiring experiences of these young people, stories of innovations and overcoming challenges, and the impact of their various projects on society and the economy.

The publishing of the videos is accompanied by a promotional campaign, and special content, which is published on the three sites, and all of its digital platforms, in addition to the newspapers.

The executive director of the publishing sector at the Foundation, Ahmed Al Hammadi, said: “Our initiative stems from our belief that the media has an important duty and role that it must play in supporting this category of citizens who are owners of small and medium enterprises, whose activities constitute a major support for the economy. Our vision is based on the wise leadership approach, which attaches great importance to supporting these projects by all means.

He added: “Small and medium enterprises contribute more than 60% of the state’s GDP, so supporting them is of particular importance in major strategic plans. As we recently witnessed, the Emirates Development Bank announced the allocation of a portfolio worth 30 billion dirhams, which will contribute to financing 13,500 small and medium companies. », Providing more than 25,000 job opportunities, and giving this group a special importance in the announced economic stimulus packages.

Al-Hammadi revealed that the sector initiative to shed light on this important segment of young Emirati business owners in Ramadan derives its momentum from the values ​​and spirit of the "Year of Fifty", which focuses on the importance of empowering future generations and harnessing the potentials, each in his field, in order to provide Support for them, and also from the belief that small and medium enterprises are a major artery in economic growth.

Al-Hammadi thanked "the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" for the cooperation in providing data for the local projects that have been selected.

For her part, the responsible editor-in-chief of Al Bayan, Mona Bousamra, said: “We have a consistent approach in the newspaper regarding the importance of supporting the citizen youth and the youth in general in all his aspirations. For years, we have focused on highlighting the experiences of owners of small and medium enterprises in particular, because of their An important economic impact, in addition to the social and cultural impact through inspiring success stories. ”

She added: “The new initiative from the publishing sector finds its vital place in a rich program package that (Al Bayan) announced specifically for the month of Ramadan, under the title (The Fifty Ramadan). The number of its programs exceeded 10, including hundreds of reports and interviews that are widely published on our website and our digital platforms, As in the paper newspaper, the episodes produced in the statement as part of the "Road to Entrepreneurship" initiative reflect the determination, innovation and aspirations of our youth in a modern and innovative manner, which was followed to narrate their experiences.

For his part, the editor-in-chief of Emirates Today, Sami Al-Riyami, affirmed that the media support initiative for Emirati small and medium projects has been consistent with the newspaper’s directions for years, to support young citizens in all sectors, and to support them in the media to establish an environment conducive to them to launch their own projects in all fields. Pointing out that the citizens ’issuance, and their extensive presence in the private sector, is a vital matter that serves the state’s strategic objectives in motivating citizens, especially the youth, to gain entrepreneurship and creativity, especially with the state providing all means of support to achieve success in the path.

He explained that media support has become multifaceted, with the great progress in communication technology, and the entry of social networking sites as effective channels for the delivery of advertising and media messages, stressing the readiness of Emirates Today to provide supportive content to these young people in a framework of professionalism, balance and accuracy, and accessing this content to about four Millions of followers of the newspaper across various digital platforms.

Khadija Al Marzouqi, editor-in-chief of the Dubai Post digital platform, said: “Our participation in the (Road to Entrepreneurship) campaign is a natural extension of the Dubai Post approach, and its content that addresses young people and addresses their stories and different aspects of their lives, with the aim of supporting and empowering them to explore broad future horizons. And achieve success in their career path ».

She added: “In light of the consequences of the new Coronavirus pandemic, this campaign comes at the right time to support ambitious Emirati entrepreneurs, enable business continuity among emerging, small and medium-sized companies, through media coverage, and shed light on these innovative projects and the success stories of their owners.”

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