The gendarmes intervened Sunday in Burgaud, north-west of Toulouse, around 3:30 am to put an end to an evening which was in full swing in a lodge rented for the occasion.

A hundred participants were fined and the two alleged organizers were taken into custody, we learned from a source close to the investigation.

Two people suspected of having organized a clandestine party in a cottage near Toulouse were taken into custody and a hundred participants fined, we learned on Sunday from a source close to the investigation.

The gendarmes intervened Sunday around 3:30 am in the town of Burgaud, north-west of Toulouse, to interrupt this evening which was in full swing in a lodge rented for the occasion, despite the curfew and other restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 epidemic.

The participants, many of whom did not wear masks when the gendarmes arrived, came from Occitania, in particular Toulouse and Montpellier but also from the Paris region such as Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) , according to this source.

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Residents alerted the gendarmerie

The organizers charged 20 euros for parking and 30 euros for entry.

Sound equipment and mood lights had been installed.

The invitation was sent out at the last moment via the Snapchat application.

Disturbed by the noise, the residents had alerted the gendarmerie.


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According to the latest ARS Occitanie bulletin on Friday, the epidemic situation "is deteriorating very quickly" in Occitania, with 1,827 hospitalizations in progress, including 411 in intensive care.

In Haute-Garonne, 384 people are hospitalized, including 98 in intensive care.