No audience in the stands and also a head coach who misses the Allsvenskan premiere after being tested positive for covid-19.

But team captain David "Löken" Löfquist views the season premiere positively and says that you learn to play without an audience.

He also says that Christian Järdler's absence should not affect.

- It's sad for Christian and we suffer with him.

But there are no changes in that way, we have been able to train as usual and will go out and play just as we have done before.

Find other benefits

How much do you long for your audience?

- Incredibly much of course.

But it is also a question of attitude.

It is important to try to find something else that can push one.

If you have the audience behind you, it can be an advantage, but then it is important to find those advantages in another way.

Strangely enough, you learn to play without an audience.

How do you see the season ahead of you?

- It will be a tough season, many good teams in the Allsvenskan.

At the same time, we know that we are also a good job that has a great chance to beat all the teams in this series.

Hear how "avid" Löken "Löfquist thinks it goes for Mjällby against Varberg in the clip above.