Today, Saturday, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein called for establishing dialogue mechanisms between countries affecting the situation in Syria, to achieve stability in it.

This came in a press conference in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which he gathered with the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, who arrived in Iraq on an unlimited-time visit.

Hussein said that he discussed with Aboul Gheit Arab relations in general with neighboring countries, and added that some issues related to the work of the Arab League were discussed, and that part of the discussion was about the situation in Syria.

Hussein stressed that the unstable situation in Syria negatively affects the Iraqi situation, so it is necessary to work together to find ways of how to build mechanisms for dialogue with various countries that have an impact on the Syrian situation.

For his part, Aboul Gheit said, during the conference, "We carefully follow the regional Iraqi performance ... We promise that the Arab League will always be under the command of Iraq with any demand."

He praised the "strength and accuracy of Iraqi diplomacy in performance," saying that "it has become important and honorable, in addition to its support for the Arab League."

He added that the Arab League will host the Iraqi leadership at its headquarters within 3 months.

Aboul Gheit pointed out that the university is experiencing difficulties due to the conditions of its countries, in addition to the existence of problems in financing its operations.

The Iraqi minister stated that Aboul Gheit will meet with a number of officials in Baghdad before heading to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and meeting his leaders.