Balbek stressed that this is not the first time that the Kiev authorities "in every possible way are trying to fog up the information space."

“Every time we hear about the return of Donbass without the use of force, and, nevertheless, there are regular shellings there.

This is such a Jesuit trick, ”the deputy explained.

According to him, if official Kiev wanted to resolve the situation in Donbass, it would have complied with all the points of the Minsk agreements.

“Now we are seeing some kind of throwing from side to side - anything, just not fulfilling our obligations,” the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier, Taran said that Kiev is set on a "civilized" way to resolve the situation in Donbass.

At the same time, the Ukrainian minister called for more efforts to tighten sanctions against Russia and cooperation on the operational exchange of intelligence, in particular in the Black Sea region.