British Prince Philip died on Friday at the age of 99.

July 1954: At birth, Philip was awarded the titles of Prince of Greece and Denmark.

She gave up on them shortly before she married Elizabeth. Photo: Keystone Press Agency / Keystone USA /

November 1947: Elizabeth and Philip got married. Photo: MAGAZINE IMAGE / AFP

August 1951: Prince Philip enjoys water skiing in Marmaris, Turkey.Photo: Camera Press / MVPhotos

October 1951: The Last Moments Before Responsibility - Philip and Elisabet dance to the beat of country music in Ottawa, Canada.

Less than five months later, Elizabeth was crowned Queen. Photo: Keystone Press Agency / Keystone USA /

September 1960: The Queen's third child, Prince Andrew (in Philip's arms), was born.

On the right Prince Charles and on the left Princess Anne. Image: MAGAZINE IMAGE / AFP

June 1961: US President John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy visited Buckingham Palace. Image: Public Domain / ZumaPress

November 1972: Queen and Philip's Silver Wedding Day with their children: Charles (left), Edward, Andrew and Anne.Photo: Keystone Press Agency / Keystone USA / ZUMA / MVPhotos

August 1986: Prince Philip marvels at photographers at the Ascot galloping competition.Photo: Pixfeatures / DPA /

October 1986: Elizabeth and Philip at the Great Wall of China. Image: MAGAZINE IMAGE / AFP

October 2006: Prince Philip visits British troops in Basra during the Iraq war.Photo: Ministry of Defense / Handout / REUTERS

November 2007: Elisabet and Philip celebrate their diamond wedding day after 60 years of age. Photo: Fiona Hanson / AFP

June 2012: Duchess Catherine (right) and Lady Louise Windsor (2nd right) with a pair of rulers watching the Queen's birthday parade.

June 2014: Opening of the Parliament. Photo: Carl Court / Magazine

August 2017: In front of Prince Philip Buckingham Palace.Photo: Hannah Mckay / Reuters