The White House in the United States announced that 19 global companies, including Samsung Korea, will participate in the CEO Summit of Semiconductor, Automotive, and Tech Companies held on the day after tomorrow (12th) local time to cope with the global semiconductor shortage.

According to the White House co-reporters, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and National Economic Commission (NEC) Chairman Brian Dee will preside at the White House the day after tomorrow at the White House CEO Sangsang on the restoration of semiconductors and supply chains.

Minister of Commerce Gina Rumando will also attend this event.

Samsung Electronics, Taiwan TSMC, Google parent company Alphabet, AT&T, Cummins, Dell Technology, Ford, GM, Global Foundry, HP, Intel, Medtronic, Micron, Northrop Grumman, NXP, PACCAR, Piston Group, Skywater Technology, Stellan 19 companies including Tees will attend.

The White House says US officials and businesspeople are discussing steps to strengthen the resilience of the US supply chain for US job plans, semiconductors and other key sectors.

Samsung Electronics is unrivaled in the world's first in the memory semiconductor market, and second in the foundry market after TSMC in Taiwan.

The semiconductor chip crisis that hit the world in recent years has been blamed for the surge in demand for home appliances such as laptops due to Corona 19.

The delay in the supply of semiconductor chips is disrupting the production of automobiles and home appliances.

The U.S. government is reviewing incentives to increase domestic production to mitigate the impact of supply shortages and is looking for measures to improve supply chain vulnerabilities.

White House spokesman Jen Saki said in a briefing the day before that the US government has a significant focus on the issue of semiconductor chips at the highest level.

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