Chinanews, April 9th, a comprehensive report, recently, the tension in the Donbass conflict area in eastern Ukraine has escalated.

On the 8th local time, Ukrainian President Zelensky visited the place.

Data map: President Zelensky of Ukraine.

  The Press Service of the Office of the President of Ukraine announced on the 8th that Zelensky had arrived in Donbass, inspected the front-line positions and had conversations with the soldiers.

The inspection was conducted against the background of the escalation of the situation on the line of contact.

Zelensky said during his visit that he himself is convinced that "the situation in the region is deteriorating."

Zelensky pointed out that all officials in power in Ukraine should visit Donbass and support Ukrainian soldiers.

  The Ukrainian military announced on the 8th that since 2021, the number of soldiers killed in the conflict has reached 25, and in 2020, the number of soldiers killed in the country will be 50.

  The situation in eastern Ukraine has recently become tense again. Uzbek government forces and civilian armed forces accused each other of opening fire and provocation.

At the same time, Ukraine claimed that Russia’s “assembling of troops” in the border area between Russia and Ukraine “posed a serious threat” to Ukraine’s national security.

The Russian side responded that the Russian army on the Russian-Ukrainian border is located in Russia and "is not a threat to anyone."

  On the 8th, the Russian Presidential Information Bureau announced that President Putin had a phone conversation with German Chancellor Merkel.

During the period, Putin mentioned that the recent "provocative behavior" of the Ukrainian authorities has increased the tension in the eastern region of Ukraine.