Wismar / Waren (dpa / mv) - Con artists failed twice in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania because of attentive taxi drivers.

As police spokesman announced on Friday, a 98-year-old man from Wismar and a pensioner from Waren an der Müritz ran into criminals on Thursday.

The 98-year-old drove with a taxi driver to the bank in Wismar to withdraw around 30,000 euros.

An alleged granddaughter had called him and said she would lose her driver's license after an accident if she could not deposit money.

The taxi driver saw through the trick, made sure that the fraud was exposed and the pensioner kept his money.

A taxi driver on the lake district reacted similarly.

A caller who pretended to be a son-in-law had persuaded a pensioner to take a five-figure sum in a taxi to hand over the money to Schwedt (Brandenburg), 100 kilometers away.

The taxi driver was puzzled by the constant cell phone calls on the way.

When the elderly woman explained what she was up to, the taxi driver drove to the police instead of the handover and a phone call cleared up the fraud.

The police in Wismar later reported another call to a 79-year-old, which should also be brought for 30,000 euros.

The police repeatedly warn against such scams.

In 2020, perpetrators in the northeast had captured almost two million euros.


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