A classic bike transformed into a VAE by Thomas Kautz in his workshop.



  • OHM & Watt, a young Alsatian company specializing in the transformation of classic bicycles into electric bicycles, will open its doors in Strasbourg.

  • Environmental concerns, a second life for objects, design and installation of batteries guide the young company, which provides customization and monitoring of transformed bicycles.

Do you love your old and faithful bicycle too much to make up your mind to abandon it in favor of a brand new electric-assisted bicycle (VAE)?

Yet your calves sometimes remind you that the road is long and that arriving at work sweaty and already tired is not necessarily a good thing ... So no more anxiety.

A brand new Alsatian company OHM & Watt, created by Thomas Kautz, technician passionate about mechanics and electronics, with his father Bernard, operations manager in industry, has just set up in Strasbourg.

The first of its kind in the capital… of cycling.

The family project has in fact specialized in classic cycle electrification.

They are surfing in a market whose growth curve has nothing to envy that of Covid-19, and encouraged by the community.

The latter grants a bonus of 150 euros for the conversion of a classic bicycle into an VAE to the inhabitants of the Eurometropolis and under two conditions: to undertake to keep their bicycle for three years, and to install an approved kit.

Customizations and advice

“Our idea is to offer a personalized solution, according to the customer's needs,” explains Bernard Kautz.

There is also a small form to fill in, in order to better understand the conditions of use, the needs of the cyclist.

We offer batteries of different powers, placed in the rear wheel, on the luggage rack, on the pedals.


To be autonomous and safe in its products, the small company designs and assembles the batteries itself.

“We get the raw materials, the battery cells, the boxes, the electronic box, everything we need before assembling them.

This is an advantage because we know what is in these batteries, we know how to analyze them and repair them just in case.

We control the entire chain, ”emphasizes Bernard Kautz.

A process that owes nothing to chance.

The young company indeed launched last October a “brigade of testers”.

Several models, several types of bikes, different powers and battery models have been tested by cyclists and allowed the family project to consolidate its choices and to offer their batteries but also those of recognized brands.

Personalized solutions and assembly in their workshop or to take away, in a complete kit, handles included.

With a follow-up for the bikes transformed by them: "We suggest that people do the first service after three months to check everything that has been fitted, the condition of the battery and if it corresponds to the person and if necessary, offer a more powerful battery.


Converting your bicycle and therefore promoting recycling, a financial advantage?

“The cost amounts to almost half the purchase of a good VAE, or around 900 euros.

There are also the savings made on the purchase of certain bikes, explains Bernard Kautz.

We had the case of a person who had a Lapierre bicycle, which was worth 3,500 euros.

She no longer had the same abilities but wanted to continue mountain biking and we put an engine on it and today she is very happy.

It is convenient.


Our electric bike file

In the meantime, if the young company has found premises a hundred meters from Place de l'Etoile in Strasbourg, it will take a little longer for the store to open its doors.

Normally in May.

By then, the company is working on setting up a GPS tracker to prevent theft and designing a small bag to carry the batteries.

So you will still have to rely a little on your calves to move forward without too much effort.


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