Dr. Fauci, who is involved in the control of the new coronavirus in the US government, said that the immune effect of the vaccine "will last for at least half a year from various studies."

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the U.S. government, said in a meeting on the 7th that "a considerable amount of research data has been gathered to understand more about the period during which infection can be prevented" about the function of immunity against the new coronavirus. It was.

And a study of people who had completed two doses of the drug company Moderna's vaccine found that antibody levels that suppress the action of the virus persisted at high levels for at least half a year in all age groups. However, it is thought that the same result will be obtained. "

In the future, he said, it will be a challenge to see if the duration of immunity will be further extended by additional vaccination and if the same function will be maintained against mutant viruses.

Regarding the duration of the effect of the vaccine, in March, the analysis result that the efficacy of the vaccine developed by major pharmaceutical company Pfizer and others was 91.3% from the second inoculation to half a year later was announced.