US President Joe Biden has negotiated with opposition and Republicans who are critical of the plan, emphasizing that the huge infrastructure investment plan announced last week is also essential to counter China, such as strengthening the semiconductor supply chain. He showed his willingness to do so and showed his intention to do everything in his power to realize it.

President Biden announced last week that he would invest $ 2 trillion in domestic infrastructure development over eight years and about JPY 220 trillion in Japanese yen, but opposition and Republican parties are raising taxes to secure financial resources to make companies more competitive. Opposition has been raised, saying that we should be cautious about large-scale fiscal mobilization.

Regarding this, President Biden held a press conference on the 7th, saying that it is urgent to rebuild the aging infrastructure, and what is necessary to counter China, such as strengthening the supply chain of the manufacturing industry including semiconductors. I emphasized that it contains a lot of.

"China wants American democracy to be slow, restricted, and fragmented. They won't wait," he said, calling for early action.

He added, "I will listen to how to secure financial resources. I am ready to negotiate." He said that he would negotiate with the Republican Party over measures to secure financial resources, such as raising the corporate tax rate, and will do everything in his power to realize it. I showed my thoughts.